Beautiful KOI or 錦鯉【NISHIKI-GOI】is national fish of JAPAN called “Swimming Jewels”.

鯉【KOI】means carp as you know, and 錦【NISHIKI】means classic beautiful brocade silk textiles waved by various colored thread.
As KANJI of 鯉 mixed with 魚【SAKANA(FISH)】and 里【SATO(VILLAGE)】is showing, KOI carp had been grown in ponds of villages and eaten as food by village peoples as nutrition while winter.

錦鯉【NISHGIKI-GOI】 had been breed from a black carp and improved into beautiful Red, Black, White, Gold, Orange, and Silver colors, so on.

中越【CHU-ETSU】middle part area of Niigata prefecture, 山古志【YAMAKOSHI】and 小千谷【OJIAYA】 are the birth place of NISHIKI-GOI. We have tours there.


1.History of NISHIKI-GOI

Nishiki-goi has been breed from black edible carps and improved into various colors.

It is said that breeding has started from  former 江戸【EDO】period at least in the middle era of Niigata prefecture. called 中越【CYUU-ETSU】including 小千谷【OZIYA】City and 山古志【YAMAKOSHI】village.

Recently,they are exported to various places in the world and they are also  called “world largest garden fishes”.

2.Kinds of NISHIKI-GOI

●紅白【KOU-HAKU(Red and White)】 Literally mean “Red and White“.
They have red patterns on the white skin.

It’s a base of NISHIKIGOI and many colors has been created  from this kind.
It is said that white is as good as white like snow, and scarlet as red is better.

●錦鯉【NISHIKI-GOI】KOI (a-2)/紅白【KOUHAKU】 Red and white/3 years old/ 40cm/ | 金魚亭【goldfish★cyafe】 (

Taisyou is a name of era (1912-1925).→(When Emperors change, names of the era also change in Japan .) SAN-SHIKI literally means “Three colors”.

This is created at Taisyou era as it’s name.

The base color is white, and red and black added after that.

 is also a name of era(1926.12.25 to 1989.1,7)→(When the Emperor changes, a name of the era also change in Japan .)
SYOUWA SANSYOKU-Nishikigoi was made at the begging part of SYOUWA.

The basic color is black while TAISYOW’s one is white. Their bodies are black when they were born, and white and red appears  gradually.

Black parts are more impressive than TAISYOU-NISHIKIGOI.



●赤松葉【AKA-MATSUBA(Red Pine Leaves)】Mesh pattern on their back look like pine tree or pine cones. Their body color is red.

●銀松葉【GIN-MATSUBA(Silver Pine Leaves)】Mesh pattern on their back look like pine tree and their body color is silver.

●山吹黄金【YAMABUKI-OUGON(YAMABUKI Yellow Orange-Gold)】

YAMABUKI is a name of yellow orange flower and also the color of it. OUGON means GOLD.
As it’s name, YAMABUKI-OUGON is KOI having bright Yellow Orange color like Gold.

●白映り【SHIRO-UTSURI(White Reflection)】
SHIRO UTSURI means “White Reflection”.
It is a KOI having White body with Black Patterns.

黄白【KI-JIRO(Yellow and White)】

A basic color is white and having yellow patterns.
It was rare at the first time, but 長岡【NAGAOKA】City’s fisheries experimental station succeeded to sustainable  creation.
Some countries favor yellow ones and they are popular among people from abroad.

●五色【GOSHIKI(Five Colors)】

GOSHIKI literally means Five Colors.

錦鯉【NISHIKI-GOI】/KOI/五色【GOSHIKI】/3歳【Three years old】/40cm | 金魚亭【goldfish★cyafe】 (

●浅黄【ASAGI( Asagi Classic Blue)】





●張り分け【HARIWAKE(Paste and Devide)】



●茶鯉【CHA-GOI(Brown Koi)】

●金兜【KIN-KABUTO(Gold Helmet)】

●ヒレ長鯉【HIRENAGA-GOI(Long Fins-Koi)】

●★光り物【HIKARI-MONO(Shinning Things)】

●★銀鱗【GIN-RIN(Silver Scales)】


3.The most famous region is middle area  of 新潟【NIIGATA】prefecture

NISHIKIGOI had been breed at middle era of Niigata prefecture called 中越【CYUU-ETSU】

including 小千谷【OJIYA】City and 山古志【YAMAKOSHI】village.

5.Tour information to NISHIKIGOI FARM in 山古志【YAMAKOSHI】

山古志【YAMAKOSHI-VILLAGE】If you wanted experience Japan’s most unique and deep”Countryside Culture”,here is the most recommended. – GOLDFISH TOUR NIIGATA, JAPAN (

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