How to make Japanese TARE/TERIYAKI sauce?3 essential seasonings you need to cook.

Do you the tasty, salty and sweet sauce of Japanese テリヤキ【TERIYAKI】, 焼き鳥【YAKITORI】, 天ぷらつゆ【TSUYU(Sause) OF TEMPURA】and 鰻【UNAGI】? They are all made from only 3 seasonings!

Non only these menus, but also almost all Japanese traditional dishes are flavored by these seasonings and 出汁【DASHI】.▶DASHI is a Japanese cuisine’s magic and secret extract make your dishes dramatically delicious.

These seasonings are:
1.日本酒【NIHONSYU(Japanese Sake)】for cooking,
2.醤油【SYOUYU(Soy Sauce)】, and
4.How to cook Japanese traditional dishes with 4 seasonings?

Balance of them and changes the thickness and of the sauce.

1.日本酒【NIHONSYU(Japanese Sake)】for cooking.

Japanese Sake removes bad smell of meats, fishes and other ingredients and also get rid of acridity and make their taste more mild.
It also make it easier of other seasonings flavors to soak in ingredients.
You can use 日本酒【JAPANESE SAKE】 or 料理酒【RYOURI-SYU(Sake for Cooking), but if you were aiming for more healthy food life, we recommend Japanese Sake because Sake for Cooking is including salt and food additivity depends on it’s manufacturers.

When you use all above traditional 3 seasonings for your cook, SAKE would be put in at first.

2.醤油【SYOUYU(Soy Sauce)】

醤油【SYOUYU】is the most famous Japanese seasoning made from fermented 大豆【DAIZU(Soy beans)】.
It is used as a base of many kind of seasoning or just put or dipped into 刺身【SASHIMI(Sliced Raw Fish)】, 寿司【SUSHI】.


MIRIN is fermented rice extract and it’s slightly sweet. It add shine to surfaces of cook.
It is add at last time when you use all 3 seasonings.

If you liked more sweet taste, please add sugar.

How to cook Japanese traditional dishes with 4 seasonings?

🇯🇵和食【WA-SYOKU】〜Recommended Japanese food Vol.1〜

肉じゃが【NIKU-JYAGA】:literally means “Meat🥩and Potato🥔 ” is one of the most popular Japanese Home-Made recipes🍽

🐷Sliced pork🥔Potato 🥕Carrot 🧅Onion
⭐️醤油【SYOUYU】⭐️味醂【MILIN】・日本酒【SAKE】for cooking・Water

①Cut meat and vegetables🔪
②Stir-fry them on a pan🫕
Put above all broth seasonings and some water until it cover all ingredients.
③Boil it until almost broth is gone.


💗If a woman says “My best cook🍳is NIKU-JYAGA”, men will think they want to marry with her👰‍♀️

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