Are only Japanese and Polynesians able to listen the voice of insects and enjoy them? Please cooperate with a survey; could you enjoy the voice of insects after listening this song?


あれ 松虫(まつむし)が 鳴いている Oh, a pine cricket is singing

ちんちろ ちんちろ ちんちろりん Chin-Chiro Chin-Chiro Chin-Chiro-Rin

あれ 鈴虫(すずむし)も 鳴き出して Oh, bell cricket has also started to sing

りんりん りんりん りいんりん Ring Ring Ring Ring Riing-Ring.

秋の 夜長(よなが)を 鳴き通す They sing through an all night long of Autumn

ああ おもしろい 虫のこえ Ah, what an interesting voice of insects.

きりきり きりきり こおろぎや Kiri Kiri Kiri Kiri It’s grasshoppers

がちゃがちゃ がちゃがちゃ くつわむし Gacya Gacya Gacya Gacya bit hoppers

あとから 馬追(うまお)い 追いついて Katydid followed later  

ちょんちょん ちょんちょん すいっちょん Chon Chon Chon Chon Swit-Chon

秋の 夜長(よなが)を 鳴き通す ああ おもしろい 虫のこえ
They singing all through the night of Autumn Ah, what an interesting voices of insect.

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