3.What items do you need when you wear KIMONO?Let’s see them through watching how to wear Kimono.

You need those items when you wear KIMONO.

1着物【KIMONO】/ 2.帯【OBI】 /3.草履【ZORI】 or 下駄【GETA】/4. 足袋【 TABI】/5.襦袢【JYUBAN】6.半衿【HAN-ERI】/7.帯揚【OBI-AGE】/8帯締【OBI-JIME】/9. 羽織【HAORI】 or COAT(in cold season)
<Under wear>10.肌襦袢【HADA-JYUBAN】
<Tools to wear KIMONO>11.腰紐【KOSHI-HIMO】(2〜3)/12.伊達締【DATE-JIME】/13帯枕【OBI-MAKURA】/14帯板【OBI-ITA】/衿芯【ERI-SHIN】

The way how we wear kimono today dates back to the samurai society of the Edo period.

Earlier, during the Heian period, high-ranking princesses wore long kimonos indoors.
As a reminder of this, she pulls up her long kimono to create a section called “ohashori.” The obi is often shaped like a drum, and it is said that this was popularized by geishas during the Edo period.

Get ready by wearing your 足袋【TABI(Japanese traditional socks)】and 肌襦袢【HADA-JYUBAN (underwear)】.

At first, you would wear 襦袢【JYUBAN(undershirt)】 before you wear Kimono. It is kind of underwear usually made of silk or polyester, shape as same as kimono.

Around the neck of JYUBAN, 半襟【HAN-ERI(Half Collar)】is sawn. You can wear Kimono cleanly by washing the removable collar(However, it is very difficult to sew half collars frequently, so recently there are also simpler types using hooks or Velcro).

Traditionary, basic color is white in formal place like tea ceremony or other formal scenes, but there are various colors and patterns including attractive embroidery. You can enjoy coordinating your kimono with a half-neck collar that changes the impression of your kimono.

※You need not wear it when you wear YUKATA (The most casual kimono made of cotton in summer) .

Put in a 襟芯【ERI-SHIN】plastic color under the 半襟【HANERI】to make the shape of color around neck beautiful.

After you wear 襦袢JYUBAN】 like a gown, tie it up by 腰ひも【KOSHI-HIMO(waist strap)】.

If you wanted to keep the area where the collar meets correctly, コーリンベルト【KO-RIN BELT】can also help.

Then, wear 着物【KIMONO】on Put on the kimono.
If you wanted to make your chest more colorful, put 伊達襟【DATE-ERI】decolation color like pictures below.

tuck up the long part, and fold it to create the OHASHORI part. You need 2 more 腰ひもKOSHI-HIMO(waist straps)】for making and holding it.

Cover waist by 伊達締め【DATE-JIME】String to make that part plain.

Well, let’s tie your 帯【OBI】shsh belt on the Kimono.

To make a shape of 太鼓【TAIKO】Japanese drum, put 帯枕【OBI-MAKURA(OBI Pillow)】on the top of the drum. Cover the strings of 帯枕【OBI-MAKURA】by a 帯揚げ【OBI-AGE】cloth. Use 帯締め【OBI-JIME】string to hold the drum part on your back.

3parts important to make coordination of kimono pleasant much more;半襟【HAN-ERI】half-collar , 帯締【OBI-JIME】strings to hold OBI, and 帯揚げ【OBI-AGE】 cloth shown on the top area of OBI.

When it was in winter or autumn, wear 羽織【HAORI】cardigan on 着物【Kimono】.

Wear you 草履【ZOURI】Sandals and bring your favorite bag.

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