COLUMN:ピコ太郎【PIKO-TAROU】would gave Japanese people college to speak English by world wide smash hit of PPAP♪

I have a pen,I have an pineapple… ♪
ピコ太郎【PIKO-TAROU】’s rap song PPAP was a smash hit from You-Tube In 2016.

In costume and make up like a YAKUZA or CHINPIRA ( a lower class YAKUZA) ,
he dances a pretty dance and sings a simple English song with a sad face.

Junstin Beaver made him famous in the world.

One day, Justin Beaver shared this movie on his SNS and it explosively became famous .

PIKO TAROU  calls this phenomenon  “Justin Impact”.

They finally appear together in a CM of the Japanese mobile phone company SOFT BANK.

President  Trump’s grand daughter also danced so— KAWAII dance.

American president Donald Trump’s grand daughter Arabella-Cyan also danced on her mother Mrs. Ivanca’s Instagram and it become a topic as well as very cute!

Finally, he made a song for UN.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan offered PIKOTAROU to sing a song of
SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)at the UN.

I think that the lyrics are quite good so I will introduce them:

♪I have a pen,
I have a book.

I have an apple,
I have a pineapple.
=”No poverty”

“Sustainable Development Goals”!( in fast speak)♪


PIKO TAROU was a member of comedian duo named 底抜けAIRLINE【SOKONUKE-AIRLINE】;
literally means bottomless airline.

Now, he is naming himself 小坂大魔王【KOSAKA-DAIMAOU】; Evil Load KOSAKA, and has become a  producer of PIKO-TAROU.

I think …

“This is a pen” is the first phrase that Japanese children learn in the junior high school’s text book.
(“This is an apple”is the phrase that appears next).

Japanese have a kind of complex with speaking English, but his success and warmth will give
Japanese people confidence and bravery to speak English.
Even the most simple and easy English phrases are hilarious!

And… I suppose that western peoples started to use 間【MA】,like Japanese, making you know, kind of “stopped moments” during their movements or dances to show them looked more comical and fanny, in their Tik-Tok or other short movies of SNS after PIKO TAROU(Or influence of Japanese Animations which had been watched since they were children).

I’m going to write something about Japanese 間【MA】; “put on brank, spaces or pauses during various things” culture, which is important when we think about Japanese 歌舞伎【KABUKI】, Anime, Manga, Comedy, literature, and relationship of human beings so on.

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