Recommended Japanese home-made cook① 肉じゃが【NIKU JYAGA(Meat and Potapo】.

和食【WA-SYOKU】〜Recommended Japanese food Vol.1〜

肉じゃが【NIKU-JYAGA】:literally means “Meat and Poteto ” is one of the most popular Japanese Home-Made recipies.


・Sliced pork(or beef)・Poteto ・Carrot ・Onion
・醤油【SYOUYU】Soy saurce・味醂【MILIN】Rice fermented extract・日本酒【SAKE】for cooking・Water

①Cut meat and vegetables.
②Stir-fry them on a pan.
Put above all broth seasonings and some water until it cover all ingredients.
③Boil it until almost broth is gone.


●Syouyu●Milin●Japanese Sake for Cook

Above are very popular seasonings and if you had them, I think you can cook almost Japanese style basic dishes.

I recommend you to prepare them at first, if you start to think trying to make some WA-SYOKU Japanese foods.

It is said that if women says “My best cook is NIKU-JYAGA”, men will think they want to marry with her in Japan.

If you were vegetarian, you can use お麩【O-FU】Japanese traditinal food made from gulten of wheat instead of pork or beef.

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