Traditional craft wooden art, 鎌倉彫【KAMAKURA-BORI(Kamakura-Carving)】

In 鎌倉時代【KAMAKURA-ERA(1192-1333 ), at 鎌倉【KAMAKURA-City】, sculptures who had been made Buddha statue or Buddhist items started to make bowls and incense cases. Later, they started to make inkstone cases, paperweights,plates, and trays too.

Plants like peonies or plums, birds, landscape scenery so on are curved in dynamic and mighty touch. And on their backgrounds, traces of knives are remained. 

Wood of 桂【KATSURA】or 銀杏【ICHOU(Ginko)】are used.
Red 漆【URUSHI(Japan)】lacquer is applied many times to give them beautiful and durable .

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