A founder of 禅宗【ZEN-SHUU(ZEN-BUDDHISM)】was 達磨大師【DARUMA-DAISHI(Bodhidharma)】

達磨大師【DARUMA-DAISHI(Bodhidharma)】was Indian who came to 宋【SOU(ancient China)】in the end of 5C or beginning of 6C. There is a legend he had been sitting in front of wall rock and his legs were rotten.


水墨画【SUIBOKUGA(Water and Black ink Paints)】People’s living in a small house near deep high mountains and liver.
Useless colors, just painted by strokes of brush only black ink of charcoal.
objective obstractly.

In Japan, traditional ornament だるまさん【DARUMA-SAN】is popular as lucky item.

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