Moon Viewing Events in the world🌐

●中国CYUU‐GOKU/CHINA】 In China, 中秋【CYUUSYUU(Mid-Autumn)】 is still the biggest holiday after 春節【SYUNSETSU(Old-Spring New Year)】. On this day, people celebrate by eating 月餅【GEPPEI(mooncakes)】. Yes, that sweet with a beautiful patterns stuffed with red bean paste was for viewing the moon. Recently, Starbucks and Haagen-Dazs sells mooncake flavors. Mooncakes are also on sale from famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Givenchy Tiffany. It costs tens of thousands of yen.

●台湾【TAIWAN】In Taiwan, people eat mooncakes and big 柚子【YUZU(kind of yellow Citrus)】because they look like the moon and have a barbecue together. That’s Sounds fun!

ミャンマーMYANMAR】 In Myanmar, it seems that they have a moon viewing every month! Especially in October, it is a big event, and it is said that the temple will be greeted by a lot of candles when the Buddha returns from 兜卒天【TOSOTSU‐TEN(Heaven without war)】 with his accompanies. I would love to see this fantastic event.

●Islamic regions In the Islamic region, where the moon is often used as a flag, the Hijri calendar, the new moon in September, is the Ramadan, which people don’t eat from sunrise to sunset. This is to know the feelings of those who are suffering from hunger and self-sacrifice, and during this period they refrain from fighting and swearing, and many donations and alms are said to be made. It’s so nice and beautiful custom!

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