Moon Watching must be done Twice!? What’s 後の月見【NOCHI-NO-TSUKIMI】or Late Moon Viewing, Japanese original habit watching the moon little lucked.

What’s Late Moon Viewing in Japan?

After about 1month from Moon Viewing in September,
people watch the moon again from the same place in October.

At that time, the moon watched is not 十五夜【JYUUGO-YA】15th. Night Moon which is perfectly round full-moon,

but little lucked 十三夜【JYUUSAN-YA】13th. Night Moon.

It is called 片見月【KATAMI-TSUKI】Only watching One Side of Moon, and it is said it’s not good fortune.

Recently, a little Japanese know this habit but some area still have events.

This year’s NOCHI NO TSUKIMI is 8th.October Mon(2022).

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